Welcome to GEIDAI GAMES 03!Welcome to GEIDAI GAMES 03!

This website features projects from the Tokyo Univ. of the Arts Graduate School of Film and New Media Game Course students, graduates and more! Streams of playthroughs and academic critiques too! Onsite exhibition NOW OPEN!

Streaming Programs

The website will screen footages of featured games played and reviewed by professors and professional game streamers. Student designers will stream live a playthrough of their own projects.
*All dates and times are Japan.

Stream Timetable

Time Monday, March 21 Tuesday, March 22
11:00〜 | LIVE

11:00〜 | LIVE


Game Streaming by LayerQ
*in Japanese only
"Tears Never Fall" "Songs of the Miao" "Pooch's Remedy for You"

Play & Critique of Tokyo Geidai Projects
*in Japanese only
Reviewers: Daichi Nakagawa (Lecturer), Kenji Ono (Lecturer), Katsutoshi Machiba (Lecturer), Takashi Tokita (Tokyo Geidai Visiting Professor)

Game Streaming by OcutanBot/Sumire Hourai
*in Japanese only
"Monad" "The First AI Sentenced to Death"
13:30〜16:30 | LIVE

Playthrough Stream by Game Course Students
*in Japanese only
Kazuki Yuhara, Yifei Lyu, Tetsukin Kyo, Nana Kawabata, Meijun Fu, Yamachisa

Tokyo Geidai × USC Collaboration Projects Critique Session
Reviewers: Andreas Kratky, Peter Brinson
Translator: Asako Eguchi
15:30〜16:10 | Rebroadcast

Game Streaming by LayerQ
*in Japanese only

Play & Critique of Tokyo Geidai Projects by USC Professors
Reviewers: Andreas Kratky, Peter Brinson, Eric Hanson
Translator: Asako Eguchi (Tokyo Geidai Associate Professor)
16:30〜17:10 | Rebroadcast

Game Streaming by OcutanBot/Sumire Hourai
*in Japanese only
17:30〜19:00 | Rebroadcast

Play & Critique of Tokyo Geidai Projects
*in Japanese only
18:00〜19:30 | LIVE

Let's Play with Komitsu! vol.13, GEIDAI GAMES Edition
*in Japanese only
By Komitsu (Independent artist, Dept. of Animation graduate)
Talk Partner: Ryoya Usuha (Independent artist, Dept. of New Media graduate)
Featured Game: “Max and Marie Go Shopping” (1997)
19:00〜 | LIVE


Streamer Bio

  • LayerQ
    is an indie games streamer on YouTube who mainly introduces unique game titles from overseas to the Japanese fans. He also serves as PR for Kakehashi Games, an organization which assists foreign game developers and publishers to release their products in Japan.
  • おきゅたんbot/宝来すみれ OcutanBot/Sumire Hourai
    OcutanBot/Sumire Hourai
    “Let me bring to you a stimulating and wonderful future!” A VR and metaverse guide, virtual singer, JOIRAJI featured artist, and official ambassador for VIVE and NPO Virtual Rights.
  • 小光 Komitsu
    Independent artist. Komitsu makes illustrations and animations with felt-tip pens and watercolors. She graduated from the Department of Animation in the Tokyo University of Arts Graduate School of Film and New Media in 2018. The projects here AND there and Wander in Wonder were created during her master's studies which added interactivity to her animation works. In her event series "Komitsu-to-asoba-night! (Let's Play with Komitsu!)" held irregularly at Kohonya-honkbooks, she plays 1990s CD-ROM software on and old Macintosh computer.

On-site Exhibition

The games can be played on this website and they are also available at the onsite exhibition held at Tokyo Geidai’s Ueno campus.
In order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the number of visitors is controlled. Please make reservations through the form below.


  • 桐山 孝司/Takashi Kiriyama
    桐山 孝司 Takashi Kiriyama
    Professor, Department of New Media
    Dean, Graduate School of Film and New Media
    Tokyo University of the Arts

    On the Exhibition of GEIDAI GAMES 03

    In this year's exhibition of the Games program, we present three thesis projects and three first-year works. Each of them is the result of exploring games as art and is demonstrating the direction for which the Graduate School of Film and New Media should follow. Other exhibited works include projects made by our graduates and prototypes from the Geidai-USC collaboration program. The exhibition as a whole represents the depth and width of the current Games program. One notable achievement is the game Small Life (Yueqi Wu, 2021) which has been nominated for Best Student Game at the Independent Games Festival 2022. Such honorable acknowledgment will indeed boost the international presence of our Games program.

    At Tokyo University of the Arts, games are recognized as an emerging field of the arts. Since cultivating the games genre goes hand in hand with digital technology, it is also serving as a driving force in advancing the digitization of the entire university's education and research environment. As we expand our Digital Twin initiative and virtual interaction, we will be exploring collaboration across campuses and exhibition styles that are no longer restricted to a physical location. We will continue to pursue games as a form of art and simultaneously lay a solid foundation as an organization dedicated to research and education.

  • 岡本 美津子/Mitsuko Okamoto
    岡本 美津子 Mitsuko Okamoto
    Vice President
    Professor, Department of Animation
    Graduate School of Film and New Media
    Tokyo University of the Arts

    A Multifaceted Games Education

    Every Friday at 10 am, we meet in Zoom for a seminar that we call the Games Study Group. There are six students; four second-year Master’s and two first-years. Six faculty members also join this meeting (of which one is currently on maternity leave). When students are absent or still asleep, we end up in a somewhat awkward situation where there are quite a few more teachers than students.

    In this seminar, each student reports on the progress of their project and the faculty gives feedback and advice based on their expertise, usually in these areas:
    Okamoto (Dept. of Animation) - concept/narrative/visual structuring
    Kiriyama (Dept. of New Media) - programming, media art
    Tokita (Square Enix) - professional game design, game industry
    Eguchi - translation, localization
    Maki - VR/360-degree imaging
    Matsumoto - music, composing

    Games are argued as an integrated art form. Story, visuals, movement, composition, sound effects, music, texts… everything entangled in a complex mass to offer content never experienced before. And, because it is a genre that originated in the industry, a lot of the know-how is stored in a business environment and not academia. Therefore, to teach game creation, the above method of incorporating a multitude of specialties seems perfectly reasonable. It requires a different education system than the master-apprentice approach commonly found in the more traditional art disciplines.

    The games field will continue to evolve rapidly with the advancement in ICT. In such a world, education too needs reorganizing and the willingness to venture outside university pedagogy.

GEIDAI × Industry

  • Industry Involvement in Academia

    Up until the end of the academic year 2019, one mentor from the Square Enix Group was assigned to each student. A new practice was implemented in 2020 where one mentor gives guidance to all of the students and their projects comprehensively. Producer Takashi Tokita began this new journey with us and has stayed on in 2021 as well. Now appointed as Tokyo Geidai Visiting Professor, Tokita continues to provide advice that is on the mark and eye-opening.

  • 時田貴司/Takashi Tokita
    時田 貴司 Takashi Tokita
    Producer, SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. Visiting Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts
    Tokita began creating games in 1984 as a part-time job while pursuing theater. He has participated in games production as a designer, planner, director, and most recently, as producer. His main projects include FINAL FANTASY IV, LIVE A LIVE, Chrono Trigger, the Hanjuku Hero series, and Nanashi no Game.

    Creation Out of Chaos - Showing the world your world

    As a mentor I have been working with you, the Geidai students, for two years now, and still, the world is in chaos from the coronavirus. However, to my eyes, the circumstances are in fact shaping your projects and bringing forth your intentions. The genre of games is about presenting the world you created to the players and having them feel something in that world. It is an incredible platform where you can assert yourself not only to the player’s vision and touch but also to their hearing and imagination, and share your world with them – sometimes even expand it with them. It is true that technically there are more and more new things you can do every day, but that’s all the more reason why what you choose and hone become your creative identity. I believe you have the power to make new realities out of this crazed planet; just go ahead and be free and create your worlds.


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